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    Why so many foreigners choose Hangzhou as a work place?

    I know that many foreigners come to live and work in China, and they like to choose the cities of Shenzhen, Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing for the dreaming cities. However, Hangzhou as known as "paradise on earth", is also a good choice.

    In order to obtain a master's degree, I have lived in the United States for three years. After finishing my studies in October 2017, I resolutely chose to go back to China and work in Hangzhou. The first reason is that my hometown is in Zhejiang (Taizhou). Hangzhou is the capital city in Zhejiang province. Secondly, may be the world-famous west lake and local food here. 

    Besides, Hangzhou has a long history which is the ancient capital of the southern song dynasty. With the opening of the G20 Summit and the Asian games in 2022, I believe Hangzhou's popularity will quickly rise.

    My current job is to recruit more foreign teachers and teaching English in China (Hangzhou). Hangzhou is really a charming city, and I hope that my post will bring more people to Hangzhou to live and work here.

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